Friday, March 25, 2011


Everyone who has been there knows that Paris is the world capital of dog dirt on sidewalks. The Paris city government has tried many things to rid the city of this filthy situation but seems to have finally settled on machines that spread the dirt s thinly as possible over the largest possible area. Well, I suppose if the dog owners won't help, then this is one possible solution although the mind boggles at the amount of money spent on man and machine to try and keep the city relatively free of the stuff. In the 80's naive government officials thought that they could inspire owners to have their dogs do their jobs in the gutter instead of on the sidewalks and they started a massive ad campaign with the slogan "I do it where I am told to do it." The ads showed a dog doing his thing in the gutter because presumably his master had somehow communicated to him that this is where it was done! Well, this inspired my creator to star me in a little story dedicated to the dog dirt situation at the time. Here's another TRUC original from the past!

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